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Monday, August 31, 2009

Murphy Clan Sweater

Ah ha! A picture.That wasn't so hard.

Strangely the name of this sweater's pattern combination is Murphy which I found out after the fact. What's the odds of that?

Anyway, the central panel is the Honeycomb stitch. One of my favorites. You can just make out the Diamond/Irish Moss sections and the outer side panels are Irish Moss with purling in between all sections. Took me a week to get 'er done but I'd say a person could finish up in half that time. Much as I hate it, knitting must take a back seat at my house. But my grandson begins early headstart tomorrow and life may get a bit on the quiet side. Yes. I promise to do more housework. And knitting! =0D

I'm not sure which old book this pattern was in but I promise to do my research and find it. In case someone would like to give it a try. I used 2 8oz skeins of Lion Brands Fisherman's Wool and size 8 needles. Didn't use all of the second skein. Because the gauge was alittle on the small side I actually needed to increase, um, maybe 4 or 5 sts each side above the ribbing of the front to get the proper measures. Ya can't even tell. I did do a swatch but it lied.

As you 's can see my nephew is handsome. Not married ladies. Actually he's not even gonna like that I put his pic online but maybe he'll never find out!

Alrighty, gonna call it a day.

Update: For those interested thought I'd get the link to the Clan Aran Sweater's web site.

They actually knit up these beauties for the buyer in the chosen name/s. They cost $230 bucks. Not to bad. I think well worth the price for those who don't knit.

And for those of us who do knit the only Clan name pattern I know of that is in the land of the avalible is Murphy.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh please, PLEASE - if you can find this pattern and be willing to share it - you would make this old grandmother soooooooo happy!!

    Thank you-

    you can email me at

  2. Hey there! I do have it. Some where! I will be sure to direct you to the book it came from.

  3. What book did you find this pattern in?

    ~Melissa Sue

  4. sorry about not getting back with you sooner! My computer is out of commission and no funds to get her fixed for now. I will get you the information on this pattern. Soon, promise!

  5. found it!

    "The Complete Book of Needlecraft" edited by Janet Kirkwood.

    ISBN # 0-671-06062-7

    I keep waiting for this awesome book to show up at my local used book store. I often borrow it from my local library. I really like this book! It's all over ebay but the prices are out of my range.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Pam, I just wanted to once again thank you for sharing this awesome Murphy pattern with us. I know its been almost 2 months, but I'm about to start the sweater!! I've just purchased a lovely charcoal wool and as soon as it arrives, I'm going to knit my little fingers off. I just LOVE this pattern!!!

  7. Pam, that book that you want: The Complete Book of Needlecraft by Janet Kirkwood can be found on Amazon for .19 cents - used. Here's the link (I just ordered one)

  8. Pam, Great Blog site. Would you please share the Murphy pattern with me. Thank you very much.

  9. Hello I,m looking for Murphy Irish knit pattern for my son who is a priest like to make it for his 50th birthday Thank You my e-mail is any one can help me on this would be greatly appreciated it

  10. Hi! Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. Yahoo has changed to a "new, and updated" version which I hate. But I finally started reading my mail and found your message! I will be sure to direct you to the book where the pattern is located. You probably can borrow it from your local library. "The Complete Book of Needlecraft" by Janet Kirkwood. Good Luck!