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Friday, August 28, 2009

using right or left I knit straight from the hip...

...well, I can't really knit from my left hip and you're probably wondering, what the heck...? Okay, let me explain. For speedy knitting, though I'm not all that fast, I place my knitting needle either in my waist band or just jammed on my hip. It might be the Scottish in me. They had awesome knitting speed back in the day. . The Scottishness would have been my great great grand dad. But I never met the man and don't know why I knit that way. I'm thinking maybe it's the genes.

I will state here and now that I cannot abide knitting only one way. I will, at a moments notice. knit with my left or right hand, throwin' or pickin', working towards the left or right, when the mood suits me. It's the same with crochet. I'm a righty by nature but like to practice with my south paw just for spite. Knitting police beware.

I love technique. A lot. Soon as I hear tell of some new fangled way of doing something I just gotta try it. Only problem with that? I never get a project done. Always dropping the newest love and then moving on. And I'll come clean. I'm not the most creative person you'll ever meet. There are those out there that amaze. Really , the word is shock. Shock and Awe, to coin a phrase. I cannot, for the life of me, believe how these creative types pull if off. I am currently working hard at my creative muse. Not my strong point.

I'd love to hear tell of yall's travels through the knit and crochet world of techiness. Those of you who are fiber artists you's are welcome to drop by and give up some hints on how you do it.

Soon as I figure out the rules and regulations of posting pictures I'll share with y'all.

Have a great day, folks.

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