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Friday, September 18, 2009

batteries not included, darn it.

I need to get real good recharge batteries for my camera. The ones I got are junkers. They petter out faster than regular batteries. And when I do get 'um I need to then figure out how to work the camera. Uurggg. It's just that I have many, many FP's to show and tell and well, I'm stymied.

Sweaters; shawls; hats, crocheted, knitted, felted; mittens and scarfs. My latest favorite hat design, which I mustered up myself, is a crocheted entrelac bottom up beanie. They have a pattern at of a similar hat but theirs looks to be top down. Mine is bottom up and I'd love to share but first, my gosh, I need some pics. Don't ya think?

If someone blows by and you know of a good type battery and can tell a fool like me where in thee tarnation they can be bought, drop me a line. Like what's the best brand with the best price. Smart stuff like that.

Right now I'm working on a zip up sweater which I've been lusting after for quit some time. The back is almost finished and if the camera is up too snuff I'll put up a pic. Very pretty stitch pattern. It's in a British knitting mag, from Issue 22 Dec '06. Problem is I can't find the cardigan I'm working on to link to but its a great place to visit. The magazine is 4 bucks a month! but we americans get it, like, 8 months late. Not a problem.

Alrighty, have a good one.

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