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Monday, September 14, 2009

early headstart and back to work

The last few years have been a little on the rough side. That being said, things have settled down some and life has, strangely, gone back to the way it was. Five years ago one of my children needed a doctors care because of mental illness. She had a son and wasn't able to care for him. And so, as many a grandparent has needed to do, we stepped up to the plate. The turmoil has been intense but three very wonderful things has came form all of this.

#1: Of course. My grandson (he is number 5 of 9 grand kiddies)

#2: I have learned some important things about myself. I won't go deep but suffice it to say I now understand that my daughter is my teacher. I guess we are here to grow, to move beyond what we think is our safe place. I needed to become soft and strong. Not just soft or just strong. In a nutshell.

#3: Knitting.
People, let me tell you this. My knitting and crochet was, at times, my only friend. It has helped me through the these past few years. I would bend over my work, feeling very isolated, and practice whatever technique had grabbed my attention. Ah ha. There's that word again. Technique. A true comfort. Something which could be mastered, perfected. That which could be torn up with no remorse. Yarn. The intensity of my surroundings, no doubt, influenced how I worked with yarn. I'd say, for me, creativity was not an option but technique sure was! And so now the grandchild is in early headstart, the daughter is 20 years old and growing more sure every day and I am back to my old job. It has been a strange rite of passage. I sure hope I pass this test well.

Have a good day.

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