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Saturday, September 5, 2009

knit poncho shawl

This is one of my own creations. Nothing special, simple enough to do with 3 stitches to begin it. It's a triangle increased at each side and double increased at the center. We've all heard tell of these gems. I don't really care for how wide a poncho can get so this is my version of a poncho. I whip up this shape and put a tie on it. Just the right size in my opine. Hence, poncho shawl. Hey, maybe a Ponchawl! Actually, I picked up an ugly sweater at Goodwill and frogged it for the yarn. A thick and thin soft orange and cream acrylic. This idea I discovered at Interweave Knits Magazine: Ashley Martineau. Ashely talks about being a Thrift Store Stash Queen. I love this concept. Added to this yarn I used Lite & Lofty in Cafe working two row stripes alternating the yarns. The colors turned out very subtle and while knitting it up, I thought of this young lady, pictured above. My good friend. She loves these colors and well, they just look dynamite on her. Now how's that for reuse renew refurb?

Good day, folks!

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