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Thursday, September 17, 2009

a knit techie queen

One favorite visiting spot:

This lady has tons of gems on how to do stuff different ways. Lots of great pictures and she's very detailed. She even dapples into knitting from a left handed person's perspective, more than anywhere else that I can find. Why do I care? Well, just because. Lefties wanna knit too and. Lefties wanna be able to be lefties. Right? This is something which bothers me about Thee Knitting Status Quo. A lot. Though I'm not necessarily left handed, many of my friends and family are. Therefore I feel kinda strongly about this. Maybe a tad bit on the passionate side. You get the idea. I try on handedness just to show myself and anyone else standing around, interested or not, it can be done.

A super helpful place to browse. And I do mean browse. Page after page she's got.

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