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Monday, September 28, 2009

September's almost over, already.

Lots of things going on at the same time. The needs of others, the needs of self. A tough balancing act. My grandson seems to have a problem with interacting with other kids. He uses the first strike method. Any perceived danger, real or imagined, and he takes 'em down. He is only 3 but sheesh, take it easy fella'. Before this young man could walk he knew how to grapple and do a half Nelson. All the men in our family thought it was pretty funny getting him riled up. Nobody listened to Thee GrandMa. They are listening now. Hmmm :0/, wonder if he is too young for karate or something...?

Lots of things going on at the same time on the needles. Here is the back of the sweater mentioned in a previous post from the British mag Simply Knit. A pretty chevron stitch which quickly becomes memorized. The yarn is Charisma by Yarn Art and, as you can see, is red. Yeah, yeah, the picture is crappy. There are other projects but those pics are even crappier; a unfinished knit ripple blanket in black, dark green, lt. green and soft white; a half conceived stocking cap made with Patons Wool in turquoise, red and gold. Nice color combo. I used the fascinating jogless jog single row stripe. At first my frustration was extreme. Each needle holds a different color to make for the unending, jogless stripes. I kept ending short of the next color change. A quick google search found what I needed here at Check out the Stashbuster Spiral Socks under Free Online Classes. Superb directions. All her classes are great. I wanna make lotsa her ribbed socks in wool for my job. It gets damn cold at the factory midwinter. Shoot, its already kinda cold now. Also worked up a crochet entrelac cap in the same Patons Wool but really didn't like how those colors came out in that project. Shall share pictures someday. Wish I was at least as good with a camera as with a knitting needle or two. Not that I'm all that great but at least I love it. Not so with the camera. That is not a great love. A true hindrance.

A picture of the ripple stitch afghan.

Getting a shot was a pain in the butt. But this one came out the best. Wonders never cease.

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