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Thursday, October 22, 2009

knitting sooths the soul

and so does crochet. They calm the the mind. If a person's day is filled with harshness, any sort of disharmony, these repetitious motions take the mind somewhere else. Can't quite explain it but some how when I knit, even when in abject misery, the brain slows and must focus on the movements. If there is a question for which there seems no answer or just simply can't find any peace in all the chaos, if I sit and knit, an idea floats up. From somewhere. From nowhere. Spooky. I ain't asking nothing, not even trying, just bent over the needles and concentrating on the stitches. A startling answer to the mysteries of my life surfaces. And life is full of all sorts of strange, sneaking mysteries and that's the truth. To have to stand by and witness a person's pain, in which I cannot help, is a mean ass place to be and hard to understand or even believe when in that place. So, I will sit and knit, stitch by stitch, right hand of left, forwards or backwards. And slowly the sorrow melts away and some crazzzy idea makes itself known. To be honest I like to think that any problem can be solved by talking it out, but you know what? Sometimes not. A very hard thing to face up too. I can't always soothe the the pain in my loved ones and that is hard for me. I guess a quiet mind is the best place to find a needed truth and not the usual brainstorming I like using. That is from my perspective and not really from theirs.

Just some random thoughts.

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