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Saturday, October 10, 2009

little beasties

I have yet to figure out the proper method of picture upload. They always go straight to the top of the page instead of where I leave off at when posting. Why? But are not these children beauties? The two above are siblin's. She with the blue eyes is a cuz. I made that dress shown in the skinny pic below and I reeally hate sewing. Buuttt how could I resist them cute brown saucers.
I'm not sure how my darlin' daughter made the picture this way. Maybe with my sewing shears?
I have 5 sewing machines. You'd think a person with that many would like to sew but you would be wrong. Very. There's a serger, a denim machine, a regular Janome, a old black Singer, and an old White. The White don't work and I can't part with it. Can't part with any of 'em. They all have their uses, well, maybe not all, but you may begin to see the perversity emerging. I guess I should explain such excess. I was the oldest of 7 and did a lot of hand repair work on my brothers jeans and such. 4 brothers. A lot of stitchin', folks. To this day it sets my teeth on edge to sew anything but there is great comfort in having my machines there awaiting should I get the crazy notion, ha ha, to construct with teeny tiny stitches. And here is the perversity. I love teeny tiny knit and crochet stitches. Go figure.

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