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Monday, October 19, 2009

SDS project 3 is finished...

...and goes into the mail tomorrow morning. One is in lovely cashmere, so soft and cosy and the other's in silk/cashmere with beads. Very lux. We were trying to keep the amount of yarn for these beauties within a certain parameter. It was intense. More when pattern goes live.

We've been having crazy weather. This week is supposed to hit the 70's. What's up with that? Not that I mind. I like warm weather but get a bit nervous when the weather goes all soft and warm this time of year what with global warming looming on the horizon. What if the whole world gets hit with a superstorm or gets swept away with a world wide flood? Could happen. Has anyone seen the movie "The Day After?" Mother Earth may decide to have a hissy fit and this would not bode well for us wee peeps. I keep my husband in stitches on this.

I wanted to share a neat link with those of you who like new ways of doing stuff. Knit stuff. This is a brand new way to bind off dreamed up by Jeny Staimen. Jeny's Surpisingly Stretchy BO. This was published on Knitty AND Cat Bordi demonstrates how it's done. Pretty cool, eh, but for real, this is awesome. Very stretchy with excellent shape retention. Used for k1, p1 or k2, p2. I have never seen any thing like this anywhere. She has also has dug up an old Norwegian(I think) cast on which uses, of all the crazy things, a bunch of slip knots! Now, you might think this has got to be tight. Slip knots are always tight, right?. Wrong. It's one of those things which defies logic. I love that. It's a bit tough to get down because it actually is two knots twisted together. Somehow. At the bottom of the page she has a link to another lady's video whose technique I actually like better for this slip knot cast on. More my style. Jeny's version the other

Thank You Jeny. Oh yes, Thank You the Other.

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