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Saturday, October 3, 2009

StitchDiva project 3 begins

The other day I went to the local thrift shop and found a big ol' sweater coat and these matching gloves, attached. Bought them. The coat has not left my frame since but the gloves needed a redo. Here I begin to remove the fingers to make for a pair of mittens. Much warmer, don't cha know. Now, of course, one mitt is bigger than the other. Always. I was a bit miffed to also discover that all the lovely colors were duplicate stitched. But got over that quickly. I like the colors enough as is.

StitchDivaStudios' "must haves" for the new season is on the drawing board. I've already begun working her amazing crazy stitches for practice. Didn't even get the dern yarn yet. I say, why wait. Lets get the show on the road! There shall be a knit and a crochet version and, which am I doing you may ask. I shall weave the magic of crochet. Always a trip when the Diva pulls out all the stops.

And now for the mundane and lowly. Not every creature that walks can be a mathemagician. I'm okay with that, at least, sometimes. Here are some pics...

riddin' myself of fun fur. the large black ponchawl has a crocheted off hem. a fun technique

knit on the Bond of America

handknit version of the Bond of America pattern

dimple stitch detail. prettiness which is hard to see here, but...

do not like.

some more prettiness. these are a few of the grandbeasties. ain't they cute. guess i need to fix the date on my camera. you think?
enjoy your evening.

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