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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what knitting does not do

Knitting does not make you skinny. That is the understatement of the day, week, month or year. Why do I say this? Well, for starters, a body does sit, a lot, when engrossed in the fiber arts. Is this not correct? Though I wouldn't say I am a couch potato. I couldn't say I am lazy when the housework grows ever more out of control as I bend over my latest stick and string technique fascination. I might venture to say I am an addict who can't seem to listen when I whisper to myself, "cut it out already. There are no clean clothes, no meals happening. What is wrong with you." It is a helpless feeling but what can ya do? Juggle. And so, we sit and focus and sit and let the time fly by. The Flow. But here is the contradiction. All this sitting can be not so good for the waist line. The pounds creep on and, at least for me, to tear away from knitting or crochet, to exercise? Years can go by before I ever get to that point, what with the feel of fiber slipping through my fingers? I tell a work buddy of mine why my fingers are black.
"It's from the yarn I've been working with."
He quips back, "you ever heard tell of gloves?"
"Dude, are you nuts?!" No. I like this black dye under my nails. It'll go.

I know I must get back on the wagon of work outs. Any kind, doesn't matter what. Just do it, already. I, the lady who was personal trainer to the Family, has gotten to the point, light years later, where I've actually developed a (minor) blood clot in my ankle. That is how my pop's side of the family has been taken out. Blood clots. "My" clot was like 3 months ago and I know, time to do so some tearing from the addiction. A serious wake up call. Stop the insanity. Already. Haven't I read of a few fiber superstars who died of a heart attack? Me own pap had a heart attack and, years later, a stroke. I know. I will.
Lucky for me there is another fellow worker at the bakery (I must be mad to work in a bakery) who lost 80 lbs and has kept it off for 9 years. I am so impressed that it has filled me with new hope. I can reclaim my waistline or at least snatch my health bakery, oh, I mean health back, before I keel over tomorrow. This dude is my new hero. I am inspired.

Now, to find the weights before the glow fades.

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