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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

broken rib stitch, sorta

Is anyone like me? I really hate doing k1, p1 rib. It's just that, for me, this comes out looser than I like. It's the purl after the knit st. Almost forms a freakin' ladder. Frustrating. And so k1, p1 broken rib is always really annoying but I love how this stitch looks. On paper. The mind began wishing, thinking, then yarn and needles are pulled out. What I came up with is a couple interesting stitch patterns. One I call Garter Rib Stitch and one is Deep Rib Stitch. These come easy when I get the inspiration to do 'em but I always forget to write the thoughts down. Ugg.

Garter Rib: an even multiple of 4 plus 1. I think. This is wrong. Will correct soon.

The swatch: Cast on 25 sts. K2, p2 to last st, k1. Repeat this row.
The thing is the multi should bring you to a p2 before that last st which should always be k1.
When you turn to begin each row the k2, p2 rib makes a pretty garter pattern with a single row of k stitches running the length of the fabric. A soft rib sort of thing. Some of those delish springy wools look nice in this stitch pattern. I think I've seen this as Loose Rib in some pattern books. After busting my butt thankin' it up.

Deep Rib: an even multi of 3 plus 1.

Swatch: I forgot what I did! BRB. Okay, I think this is it. Try casting on 31 sts.
K3, p3 to last st, k1. Turn and repeat.

This is done basically the same as above always having the last st a k1 after the purls. This pattern is hard to describe. 1 garter st, 2 knit, 1 garter, 2 purl sts. That is how it seems to come out. It pulls in and pulls out. A lot. Weird. Not even sure what a pattern like this could be used for. Maybe a scarf? A yucky thick-ish tank top? Like I said. Weird. Very. I'm pretty sure I Have Never Seen this 'un anywheres. If someone should stop in, give this strange bird a run and see what you come up with. And as I wrote, the brain mentioned a scarf in colorful stripes might be interesting in these sts. Shall try it.

Enjoy your day, folks.

Update: Monday, April 26. I made a mistake on the whether these stitches should be an odd or even multiple. I said odd but it is most definitely even. (I switched this in the post above) The odd multiples will not work. Also the Garter Rib is not correct. I need my notes to fix the error but they, the notes, are in the same room as the sleeping Husband and I do not wish to disturb. Promise to finish the update soon.
I really have a bad habit of winging right through things and scribbling illegible notes as I go. But, I actually got some patterns written up in these stitchs and they are for sale at my LYS which pleases me to no end. Just wish someone would buy! Though, I know times are hard. Her web site is and its a small shop across the state line into Kentucky. That is all we have local 'round these parts. The other local yarn shop closed down, how could she be so cruel? Yes, yes, you speak true, times are hard. May the times become like soft, fluffy fiber. Lux.

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