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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to mend a broken heart.

Well, maybe that is a bit over the top but I am a little sad. Here's the deal. I flubbed my awesome job with StitchDiva Studios. Yes. You heard right. I had to stop being a stunt stitcher. Because of time and it's limits thereof. Went back to work + family needs = one of Jennifer's projects being made incorrectly. I decided if I did not have enough time to do her work properly then I should not be wasting her time. I knew it was time to step down. And as I read her gentle and kindly note I thought the floor was moving from under my feet and that I was about to be swallowed whole into the fiery pits of h.e. double l. I might venture to say that the previous sentence is also a bit overblown. Though I was mortally freaked out. It was a sweet dream snuffed out by the harsh realities of life. Bummer. And so, hence, my sorrow. And shame. Yes that also. I will add, as each day passes, I feel less unnerved by this episode this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach this walking into a telephone pole in public (of course in public, won't find one in private) this...oh gosh, there I go again. I hate being a drama queen. Sorry about that. Got a little carried away. But for real, through it all, I am glad I put myself out there. It shows that I may have a small tad, a tiny tink, of talent in the knitterly process. Its in the proper finishing of projects that I glaringly fell short. And that I have too much going on for the professional life. Those of you who have it all have my undying sympathy ooo I meant undying admiration! But seriously, to the pros, shock and awe. I stand amazed.

I now find myself thinking about when knitting reintroduced itself to me a few short years ago. I remember how it helped me through a very difficult time. Why did that journey, that obsession, begin? It was the process, my fascination of, and with, the ambidextrous nature of knitting. My knitting quest. It might seem crazy to many but it feels like I've come home.

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