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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free Pattern: Crochet

It's something I sorta made up but not kinda thing. In Donna Kooler's "Encyclopedia of Crochet" there's this neat stitch called "Extended Single Crochet" (ext-sc) and it goes a little something like this....

Insert hook into next chain (or stitch), yo and draw up a loop (2 loops on hook). yo and draw through only one of the loops on hook (still 2 loops on hook), yo and draw through both of the two loops on hook. It's like an all-in-one single crochet, chain one. Very Kool. And so worked this up and decided to share.

Cell Phone Cozy or any other sort of gadget holder.

A simple custom fit pattern.

Any yarn and hook size to match. Mine used about 9 ozs/24 grams of Universal Yarn's Cotton Supreme Batik in Watermelon Patch, left over from a matching beanie (picture up soon). Such a yummy color. Can anyone say summer! I used a G hook. I think this stitch looks better a bit on the tight side.

A tapestry needle.

A cute button. Or you can make one yourself as shown above.

The Stitch:
Set up round or row: *in next ch, ext-sc, chain 1, ext-sc, skip next ch*. Repeat this sequence from * to* to end.
Continuing the pattern: *in next ch-1 space, ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc.* This is repeated in each ch-1 space of round or row.

Begin by making a chain the width of bottom of item to cozy and add 3 sts making for an odd number. I started with chain 15 for my cozy which, by the way, fits my camera pretty good. But not any phones laying around the house.

You will be working both sides of the chain. In 3rd ch from hook make an *ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next single strand of ch, skip next strand of ch*, repeat * to * to end of side.

You will now turn your work around and work the loops on the other side of the chain beginning right next to the slip knot. You may need to wiggle the hook a little to open up the chain at this spot. Make your ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in this spot, skip next ch, *ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next ch, skip next ch*, repeat * to * making a ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in strand of last chain.

This gave me 14 motifs total from my chain 15, 7 for each side. They are basicly across each other, two for each chain. Looks kinda flat, don't it? The sides will begin to stand up after a round or two. We'll go round and round instead of slip stitching to the beginning of the rounds.

Next Rnd: Ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next ch-1 spot between the extended single crochets on the other side, (hey, it's starting to stand up!) *ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next ch-1 spot, repeat this to end of side*. Repeat this sequence from * to .* Another words, round and round until you have the height you need for your cozy. Sides and bottom are all one piece. I worked for 4 1/2" and it's width was 3 1/2".

Finish working to one side then make a chain of 36, or just big enough to get around a persons hand. Fold chain in half with bumps outside, remove hook, place hook into last ch-1 space just made and draw the last loop of chain through this space, ch1 (joining into a strap), turn right back around to last chain and slip st into each bump all around the chain right back down to first bump and dock into this same ch-1 space proceeding on to ext-sc, ch1, ext sc-in each of the next ch-1 spaces as if nothing else is going on, to end of side.

At this point I worked back and forth to make the flap to close cozy, decreasing by making only 1 ext-sc in last ch-1 space at each side.

Mine went like this: after making wrist strap; 6 ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in each of next 6 ch-1 spaces, 1 ext-sc only in last ch-1 space, turn;
5 ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next 5 ch-1 spaces, 1 ext-sc only in last ch-1 space, turn;
4 ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next 4 ch-1 spaces, 1 ext-sc only in last ch-1 space, turn;
3 ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next 3 ch-1 spaces, 1 ext-ch only in last ch-1 space, turn;
2 ext-sc, ch-1, ext-sc in next, 2 ch-1 spaces, 1 ext-sc in last ch-1 space, turn;
1 ext-sc, ch1, ext-sc in next ch-1 space, 1 ext-sc in last ch-1 space, turn.

At this point I made a loop: chain 6, slip st to other end of flap tip and slip st into each bump of the chain and then sl st back into flap to finish. I used one size bigger hook to accomplish this because my chains are a bit tight. Fasten off and weave ends.

Button: I had a bit of yarn left and so... ch3, 10 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 10 sc in each sc around, sc 2tog around and go around again with sc 2tog, slip st to last st and draw yarn through leaving a long tail. This of course is done in the round. Attach tapestry needle and sew this button down.
Hope this is understandable and if so, hope you enjoy making it. Let me know!

As you can see I don't have Donna Kooler's Encyclo of Crochet. That's her Knit Book! LOL

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