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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free crochet pattern: Headband

Today is 5/5/2010.   Picture is now up so you can see!

I'm gonna put up these directions without a picture. I want to get it on paper while it's in my head but I promise to include a pic soon.

Any left over yarn and matching hook. I like this done up in cotton for summer. Wool, of course, is nice for cooler weather. This pattern is great for using up yarn. And all the young people around me love how it comes out.

Pattern St:
         Front Post dc (fp dc): with a loop on hook, yo, insert hook around next stitch from front to back and to front, yo, pull up loop, (yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) twice. One loop left on hook. Front Post dc made.
         Back Post dc (bp dc): with loop on hook, yo, insert hook around next stitch from back to front and to back, yo, pull up loop, (yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) twice. One loop left on hook. Back Post dc made.
         These moves are made around the post of the dc instead of working the chain on top of each stitch.

       Make a chain to go around your noggin' plus 3 or 4 more, making for an even count. Not tight. Fold the chain in half with the bumps outward. Take hook from last chain and pull loop through first bump, chain 2 loosely and immediately turn. You will work back the way you just came and not forward, as in the usual manner when working in the round. This helps to prevent a twist in your chain. My head usually requires from about 78 to 90 chains depending on the yarn.
      In next bump and in every bump around, work a Double Crochet (dc); slip stitch (sl st) around the beginning chain 2 (ch2).

Next Row: Ch2 loosely, *fp dc in next dc, bp dc in next dc*, repeat this around, sl st around beg ch2.
Next Row: Repeat this row for about 8 or 10 rows or less. Whatever you might like. Or whatever your yarn will yield. A wool headband is nice, wider, for warmth. The one shown above has 5 rows in cotton. I like to finish with a row of reverse sc.
For the edge: after last sl st of last row, ch1, sc in each dc, sl st to beg ch1, reverse sc in each in every other sc around going the other way (also called crab st). Sl st to beg reverse sc. Fasten off, and weave in end.
Attach yarn with a slip knot to any dc on opposite edge. Ch1, sc in same spot, and in each dc around, sl st to beg ch1. Work reverse sc in each in every other sc around, sl st to beg ch1. Fasten off, and weave in end.

This stitch makes the headband kinda chunky. Hope pattern's easy enough to understand! Enjoy and drop me a note on what you think of your headband.

Note:  I put the strikethroughs because I made this headband last night and realized there's not supposed to be a round of single crochet and also because the reverse sc is done in every other stitch instead of each stitch. This makes the headband both snug and stretchy. The one shown is made in Universal's "Cotton Batik Supreme" in the color Farmers Market. I like this color. I had already knit up a beanie in it and had enough left over for the headband. Hope you's like it!

Have a good day.

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