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Sunday, April 11, 2010

knitting saves the day!

Took a vaca to New River Gorge. Me, my sis and Gorge-ous, the young man above. No. I do not white water raft nor would I ever. ever. bungy jump. We just meandered the route around the river and came to the falls pictured behind "The Dude". This spot, near the head of the New River, is called Sandstone Falls.

Another view of Sandstone Falls

A view of Sandstone Falls at Overlook across the river from on Rt 20
I've lived in West Virginny for a many years but this is a first time visit for me. I loved it. 

This is Grist Mill north of Sandstone. Way cooler in the flesh. Yes, it was raining.

This past week we camped near by but it was soooo cold in the mountains. So we had to cut camping short. Bummer! Still the trip was great and will remain a fav.
And how did Knitting Save the Day? Here's the deal. We pull into camp, pull tent from bag, pull poles (those crazy bungy rope/cord thingys) from their bag and boom, that new fangled bungy concept snaps! Uh tent poles, no tent!!
Sis says, "Heeey, I am freaking out!"
Course we could have gone to a motel but I thought, well, how about maybe we fix it.
"How the devil are we gonna do that? Look. Look where the sun is!" she says.
Yes, it was close to doing the sunset thing but I say, "let me get my tapestry needle!"
"What are we gonna do, sew it up?" She didn't say it but I know she wanted to. I saw the look. But she was freaking out hence the smart remark ready to leap from her lips. Bungy jump and dance a jig. Course she is very independent. A real tough cookie. Takes no shite from no one. Sick of being bossed around. All that kinda thing. But here we are in a pickle, so to speak, and being strong sometimes is not enough. Imagination may just save the day. I run for it (my needle) and my gold wool (a favorite color), tie yarn to cord, attach needle to yarn, drop needle into pole section and tamp it down. Well damn, it works! Dear nerve racked sister snatches the needle and begins to work. Must of been 15 of those babes needing need'ling. I did not think to take a picture of this intersting concept and, anyhow, the sister may not have stood for it.

I must add that I Always Take Along some kind of yarn craft. Many of my family members find this Very Annoying. But now I feel pretty justifited. Knitting does save the day. Guess knitting can have its uses.

Note: pictures were taked by sis. Thanks for taking me along for this adventure DC!

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