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Thursday, May 27, 2010

my cute hand crafted spindle

Here is a picture my tinker toy spindle. I think the small rocks lend a rustic feel.
these are the items I used to make it
These knitting needles were bought from Walmart. Useless for knitting because they kept catching the yarn even after sanding them a bit. They just never worked too good. The needle shown is a size 10 1/2. I used a size 11 for my spindle which needed glued but a 13 would actually be a nice snug fit. You can see how much chunkier the red tinker part is to the size 10 1/2. I'd have put the other 11 in the picture but it seems to be missing. And if you saw my work room you'd know why.

this is the little darling that started it all. a gift from a nice local fiber artist. her blog

these are my first, ever, wee, plyed, hand spun hanks
The one on the right, with the unintended VM included, was made first using the gifted spindle. I used a small wire doggie comb that looked like a dinky carder. Not very good at removing unwanteds.
The hank on the left looks a little better. The spindle I made was a bit on the light side at first so added the small stones to increase the weight. It seemed to help. That time I used bigger doggie combs on the wool and they actually removed almost all of the sticks and stones... 

As to the plying. That was frustrating (...wanna break some bones?). One lady used two med sized terracotta flower pots turned upside down with the yarn balls inside. You'd pull the ends through the holes and ply that way. A super idea but, alas, no funds for such. I think I may have found something that will work. It's one of those lazy susan wooden spice rack. like this Mine I picked up at a flee market. 3 bucks maybe? I already removed the lazy susan part for a (some day) home made yarn swift. Lots of free instrux on the web for that. So many smart inventors out there in cyber space. I send out a big thank ya! Anyway, I think if I lay the thing on its side, stick the balls inside the 4 slats and pull the ends through two of the holes I should be able to ply that way. I am currently combing and spinning some more wool and shall continue on.

Hope some one can use my spindle idea.
Have a good day.

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