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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Crochet Pattern: Cute Flowers

My Ravelry Badge is fixed!!!...thanks to the awesome helpful folks at Ravel's non-ravelry techno help group.
Please excuse the stupid date on above picture.
These cute little flowers are fun and fast and I love making 'em. They weigh about 2 or 3 ozs. Which tells you want a maniac I must be. That's a small sized ball of left over yarn to have laying around. Especially when there are a lot of them. =0D

The Pattern:
They are simple enough. Make a chain with either the loop method, or by chaining 5 sts and joining to form a ring or by chaining 3 and making your sc's into 3 ch from hook.
Oh yeah, choose your hook to match your yarn. A no sweat situation.
I prefer to ch 5 and join. I can get 12 or 14 sc's into the middle ring which I think makes a better flower.
I think the pink and brown one is done with sc'ing into the 3 ch from hook method.
And it looks like I didn't write the instrux down for these cuties but never fear they are easy. It is basically a lot of chaining.
After filling up the ring with sc's slide the sts over a bit and squeeze in some more sc's. You want a least 12 -16 sc's. Some of my flowers have 18. Join your round by slip stitching into the back strand of first sc. Ch 10 and again sl st into back strand.
What you'll then do is chain 10 and sl st into front strand of same sc; chain 10 and sl st into the back strand of next sc, ch 10 and sl st into front strand of same sc. 
* Ch 10, sl st to back strand of next st, ch 10, sl st to front strand of same st*. 
And repeat * to * in each sc around. Slip stitch into last front strand of last sc. Ch 8.

Now look at your work. 
Do you see beneath the petals how each sc has a vertical bar that is isolated from making the petals?
 Sl st around this bar right below the last petal.
*Ch 8, sl st to same bar; sl st to next bar*, and repeat * to *.
Fold those petals out your way.
You could really do all this any way you like. It's just fun to do. I'm no designer!

And what's so nice about a long print yarn is that you don't gotta do any color change.
Or you can change the color for the bottom petals if so inclined.

a lovely topper for a lovely lady

a close up of the flower
all the one color
you can see I did not know about jogless joining
Yes, that's the featured pattern and it's been felted. I did use a bigger hook to make the stitches a bit looser. The leaves are also crochet. I think what I did was make a chain to desired leaf length. Working in one strand of each chain you'd put stitches that are a bit taller in height, first thin, then wider and then thinner again, mimicking the shape of a leave. Sc, extended sc, dc, extended dc, (then maybe a treble that depending on how many sts you got) extended dc, dc, extended sc, sc; then work the same sequence on the other side of chain. This seems like about 9 or 10 sts. Then again I think I may have done 2 trebles and a few slip sts on the end. 12 sts maybe? But really, just experiment and have fun!

Hope these instrux are ok.

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