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Friday, June 4, 2010

Have I any wool? Yes sir...

2 bags full
This one I am currently working with. Pretty soft and very fine.

I think I'll save this for my PVC spinning wheel. Wonder how the color will come out when spun and made into yarn? The brown is real pretty but the white is a little stark in comparison. Will be interesting to see.

I wanted to show some projects that use up all those small leftover balls of yarn. Those which I annoyingly just cannot throw away.

granny square cap
3 long print yarns were used here. Easy coloration, fun to make.

head bands...
These are versions of the headband pattern posted elsewhere on my blog. The top two are the dc post stitch/s and the bottom two are in the extended sc stitch also posted elsewhere. The blue and green used peaches and creme's double WW cotton . Deft Blue and Apple Green. The others are also in their cotton.


and more handbands...

plus one more for a little tike
This one and the dark blue above were finished with slip st at the edges instead of reverse sc on my other headbands. This was done at each front post dc st skipping the back post sts.

a close up of the post stitch

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