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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inspired to knit.

A friend checked out my blog and said she found it humorous. Though she also mentioned that she didn't exactly feel inspired to knit while reading through the posts. This gave me pause. Am I trying to inspire? As I considered this, I realized that my reason for blogging about knitting, crochet and all things fiber related, was that it was I who needed inspiration. Life, at times, can be harsh. Crafting something from nothing can bring such happiness. 

Actually I never was much of an artist, or a poet. Knitting was a gift I found lying at the bottom of my heart. To tell true, a woman, who me and my friend miss very much, was my first teacher in the fiber arts. It was she who inspired me to knit. She planted this gift inside me and I found it again. I am very grateful to her.

Thank You Nan


  1. Now, why did you have to make meeee CRY !~!!! That's so beautiful..thank you Pam for sharing what she planted in your heart .....


  2. I visited your fiber garden once again my is always a deight. Our dear one surely gave you many starter seeds and my oh my what you have grown with them!It was always her intention to grow happy,healthy, human beans! I am sooo glad that you have found some good fertile ground in which to grow your seeds.....and i see such beauty in it's design.
    Many thanks for sharing with us your pearls of & patience are a mighty tastey salad! I'll have another dish please......