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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well, Well. Blogger Has Fixed the "Browse" for Pictures Bug.

Glad to see it.

And now I would like you to meet some friends of mine. Are they not cute?

Meet Sally  A Ravelry pattern. Of course.



And this is Jack Skellington   He's such a doll.
Why can't I start writing at the left like a normal person? Blogger has gotten weird. This is annoying. In fact I Do Not Like It. Alignment has to be clicked for each sentence until blogger gets the point. Weird.
Yes. I am done bitching.
To He who listens: I am thankful to Blogger for the pleasure of its use and am greatful. I will stop being a stickin-the-mud about change. Amen.
Umm. One more thing. I just gotta ask. What is up with the strange misshappen white part around Sally? aaahh well. Mumbles to self, will not be a stickinthemud...


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