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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Spinning Wheel Finds

Yes. Last year right around Valentines Day I got This . Her name is Cassandra, quit a lovely little spinning wheel. I had a time of it trying to use my feet. Had no idea I was so clumsy.

Here is another awesome bike wheel. The Thrifty Fox Spinning Wheel
This is a PDF download and just so you know it's 11 bucks and 25 cents. On sale baby, on sale. She uses a bike wheel and it's also a spindle wheel.

Now, should you be interested in spending more and are an amazing woodworker you have this.
The Zephyr 40 bucks people. This is not a spindle wheel. It has the whole whorl and bobbin thing. Looks very well crafted.

A lot of folks are looking for the DragonKeep plans. That web page has fell of the face of the earth. She had the free plans. She left us. We are sad. But 7 and 11 pesos is not so bad, right?

I have lately been thinking about crafting up plans. Wonder if I could even bend my brain that-a-way but here is the thought. Well some back ground first. I found a wheel chair someone threw away. I grabbed it. We, dear HB and myself, broke it down and was left with 2 big wheels and 2 small. I do believe you may see where my bent brain is going.

In the olden days they had the Great Wheel. Later, in the olden days, they added another smaller wheel. Ah hem. The Minor's Head. AKA the Accelerator. Check this link out...

You will see pictures of 2 spindle types here, neither of which our fav inventors have created. They have used the simplest of designs. Just a spindle.

The first pic is the "Bat's Head" spindle and the second is the "Minor's Head". The speed machine of the Great Wheels. Well, so, yes, I have lately been thinking of crafting up plans...with those wheel chair wheels....

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